Online Check in and Money

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Online Check in and Money

Post by Cruisin Mama on Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:06 pm

Online Check in and Money

Online Check in –We’ll let you know when you can begin the process…maybe late May. There will be 4 steps.  Go to, on the top left – click “Check in”.  Gather the information for these steps before you begin.  The site will time out after 30 minutes even if you are actively using it.

Step 1 – Guest info - Ship, Sail date, reservation #, passport or proof of citizenship, home address, contact person and phone #.  Travel plans are not needed.  

Step 2 – Expense Account  - method of payment for your on board account (credit or debit card or cash).  Cash is like using a “Pre-paid” credit card.  

When you board the ship, each passenger in your cabin will be issued a “Sea Pass” used to “pay” for all purchases and services on the ship.  (Souvenirs, drinks, excursions, etc).  Make sure everyone in your cabin knows their $ limit.

At the end of the cruise, you may pay your bill with a credit or debit card, cash or Traveler’s Checks (after exchanging them for cash

You may cash only 1 personal check per cabin for up to $200 if you need additional cash during the cruise.
You can use cash in the Casino.  You can also get cash using your credit or debit card but there is a 3% fee.

While you are in port, credit cards and cash are accepted.  However, there will be a fee charged for credit cards so it’s best to use cash.

Step 3 – Cruise Ticket Contract – contains limits on the rights of passengers.  If you choose not to accept the terms you will not be able to print your SetSail Pass.  You’ll have to finish the check in process at the pier….. not a good idea to wait.

Step 4 – SetSail Pass -  print this document when you finish the check in process.  You must complete and print your SetSail Pass at least 3 days prior to your sail date. Only one SetSail Pass needs to be printed if everyone in the cabin is on the same method of payment.  

When you arrive at the pier, you will need a printed, signed copy of your SetSail Pass, identification documents for each guest, and the method of payment for your expense account (per step 2).

It will be a good idea to have a carry on containing items you might need prior to your luggage arriving at your cabin:  bathing suit, medication, sun block, wine or champagne, etc.
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